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Q 26- The Vijayanagar empire architecture was heavily borrowed from the earlier dynasties of the region. Analyse. (250 words)

  •   Paper & Topic: GS I à Indian Culture


  • Model Answer:


  • Introduction:


  • Vijayanagar literal meaning city of victory was an empire founded by Bukka Rai I in 1336 CE, between fertile land of Tungabhadra and Krishna.
  • At its peak it stretched from Tungabhadra to Indian ocean,.
    Vijaynagar was epitome of Indian art and Architecture. It combined all essence of Chalukyas, pandyas, cholas architecture.


  • Body:


  • We can establish that in following way:


  • Vijaynagar Architecture temple style is borrowed from Chola arts such as: carved monumental towers at the entrance build with brick and stucco.
  • Most of the temples are made in Dravida style with Pradakshina path, which is being followed by earlier empires such as Chalukyas and Pandya.
  • Hampi Rath looks to be copy of Raths made in Mahabalipuram by pandayas.
  • Rath made on the name of Yudhisther, Draupadi et
  • Most of the temples have a court near by for festivities and this looks similar to chola style
  • The court of Vijayanagar is made of mortar and mixed rubble influenced by Islamic architecture
  • For Durability purpose local granite has been used, similar as badami chalukyas
  • Base pillar and inner part of temples are made of rocks similar as earlier dynasties
  • Any civilisation which is evolved after previous one will definitely has the good traits left by them.
  • Vijayanagar emerged after Chalyukas Pandayas and chola were finished and it ruled over same area where these earlier dynasties ruled and so Vijayanagar acquired these traits in their architecture and made its own improvement to made it epitome of civilisatio
  • It has all the traits from Dravidian style and made it the best in that time.
  • Conclusion:
  • Some of the famous temple of the time are: Vijay Vitthala Temple, Virupaksha temple, Pattabhirama temple and for courts and forts.
  • All these are really good examples of the extensive and rich architecture of Vijayanagar Empire.
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